Why Should You Run?

By | February 16, 2016

Why Run?

This may seem like a question that everyone knows the answer to but it is not.  You may know why you run or want to run but in the end, each person has their own reason that drives them forward and pushes them to continue even on those rainy/snowy days.

Why should you run?

Why should you run?

Running has many benefits that you know already and some that you don’t know.  Running helps you lose weight, keep your heart and body in shape, burn calories so you can eat that extra slice of pizza and even for transportation to and from work.  But some reasons are less apparent.

Whether you run just to stay healthy, for a sense of control, for that endorphin rush that you get when you run after a bit of practice, to explore your community, to see the sights just know that running is a good thing.

Running is great and each person has their own reasons for running.  I started my running journey to help speed up the withdrawal process when I quit smoking.  The day I stopped smoking was the day I started running.  I have heard of only a handfull of people who quit smoking and most of them used some sort of pills, patches or even vaporizers nowadays but running?  I never heard of that but it seemed to make sense.  The withdrawl symptoms for me were almost completely counteracted by running and I am surprised there is not more information about this.  Check out our article  Quitting Smoking, Starting Running.

Running Community

Another reason many people start running is because of the community.  When you run, you want to meet other runners and people who run also want to meet runners.  Maybe they want a running partner, someone to talk about it with or sometimes they will never even mention the word but just having that one thing in common can create a bond that is much stronger than most others.

Running creates relationships and community

Running creates relationships

When you are part of the running community, word gets around quick and suddenly you are perceived as a “go getter” a person who cares about himself and others, a person who sets goals and chases them.  Its amazing how one single hobby that is mostly done in private can change the publics perception of you.

Run to Eat

One of the reasons I say that running counteracts the withdrawal symptoms of smoking cessation is that one of the main things that happens to you when you quit smoking is an increased appetite.  Now this is not just a normal increase but rather something out of a stoner flick.  You used to consume 2000-3000 calories in a day and you would be full to the brim, but now. . . well now your appetite compares to a woman in the final stages of pregnancy who has sudden urges for 5 cheese pizza with extra brownies and a triple thick milkshake to wash it all down!

running to eat. running diet

Whats your diet? Running is my diet.

I can personally say that I have met many people who do not want to lose weight at all but just maintain their current weight and eat whatever they want anytime, any day, anywhere.  They may not be the healthiest people on the planet but it sure beats obesity.  In an age where Yelp and other sites encourage you to get out there and eat and when there are just so many tasty, fattening new options out there running can be the perfect weapon for the modern day foodie!

Running to Control Stress and Anger

Some people hit the punching bag, others run.  Something about running can take even the worst of moods and turn them into a zen like feeling.  Maybe its to do with exhausting yourself to a point that you don’t care, maybe its being outdoors and realizing how small we really are, maybe its those endorphin’s we pump out while running but a quick Google search will tell you that running its one of the best ways to control stress and anger hands-down.

Running Towards Success

Successful people run and workout.  The numbers don’t lie.  Whether they are morning people or not, they push themselves to wakeup at 5-6 a.m everyday and get out there and run.  From Barack Obama to the high powered c.e.o’s of Wall street & Bay street its proven that running breeds success.

The reason why running is a habit of successful individuals can very from person top person and in different situations.  Maybe its because you look better so people pay more attention to you, want to have you around and be seen with you or maybe its because a morning run gives your brain that jump-start it needs so you can be sharper and faster than the next person who is probably just rolling out of bed.

Early morning and late night running

Wake up and run

Bottom line, nobody has time to run.  Just remember there is a 25th hour in the day, you just need to wake up for it.  If you have trouble going to sleep at night take a Melatonin an hour before bed.  These are natural sleep aids.  It is produced by your body naturally and help to control your sleep patterns.  When you are changing or altering your Circadian Rythms, taking these for the first week until your body gets used to the routine naturally can be a godsend!


If you have any questions or tips of your own let us know in the comments below.

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