Around the Bay 5k-30k race

By | March 25, 2016

The oldest race on the continent

Race around the bay is a scenic 5k-30k race.

Race around the bay is a scenic 5k-30k race.

The Around the Bay Road Race or “Round the Bay” is the longest running annual race on the continent.  The first time this scenic endurance race was ran was in 1894.

There are other races that comes close to this age and the closest one is the Boston Marathon which started in 1897 just 3 years later.

Distance of Around The Bay race

The distance of this race varies since you can enter in different categories.

2 person relay

The two person relay is a 30km race which will be divided between two participants.  There are only 250 spots per years for this category so register early.

3 person relay

The three person relay is 30km long and divided between 3 participants.  This category is great for a team of new 10km runners that have simply not reached the ability to compete in 15km-30km races yet.  There are only 250 places available so make sure you register early to guarantee a spot.

5km race

The 5k Around the Bay is a great 5k run in the GTA.  The only downside is that since the Race Around the Bay is so popular you end up having competitors that come from far and wide to compete, therefor this is a hard race to rank very high for.

If you are experienced at 5k’s and are looking for a truly challenging competition then this is the race for you.  Just remember there are only 2,500 spots available and for the past decade have sold out ahead of time every year.

30km road race

30k race around the bay

The 30k race has the best views and route but is a very difficult race to complete

This is the main event of the Race Around the Bay. The most difficult endurance race in the area.  Known for the beautiful scenic route that you will follow and for the gruelling intensity that any 30k race offers.

The 30k Race Around the Bay is not for beginners.  Even experienced runners will have a hard time with this race.  The terrain is mild to moderate but the sheer distance is what gets people.

There is also a time limit of 4.5 hours placed on this race so to even rank at all you must complete the race within the given time limit.

If you have never done a race before do not start here.  Go for the 5k and give yourself at least 6 weeks to train for it.

If you are looking to challenge yourself though, the 30k road race offers one of the hardest and longest challenges around.

Not to mention the international competitors who flood into the city to participate in this race.  There is a limit of 9,000 participants and this race has been known to sell out.

Where is the Race Around the Bay?

The race Around the Bay finishes in FirstOntario Centre

The race Around the Bay finishes in FirstOntario Centre

The race around the bay has two starting areas which depend upon which race you will be running.

5km start location

Bay Street in front of FirstOntario Centre

30km start location

York Blvd at Caroline St. N

First Ontario Centre

101 York Blvd, L8R 3L4

Race Headquarters

FIRSTONTARIO CENTRE — 101 York Blvd. L8R 3L4, Bay and York Sts. Hamilton Ontario Canada

What should you bring for this race?

What you will need for the Around the Bay Road race will be different depending on whether you are running a 5k or 30k race.

The main items you will need are:

  • Registration kit
  • Running shoes
  • Water or a hydration device especially for 30k competitors
  • Appropriate clothing for weather and distance
  • A small emergency first aid kit. First responders will be on site but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared
  • Address and information to get to FirstOntario Centre
  • Music and headphones

30km race description

The first 20k of the race Around the Bay Road Race is a beautiful scenic and quick route.  The last 10k will include hills and will be on the North Shore Blvd stretch.

The race begins at the intersection of york Blvd and Caroline Street North.  The race will then head east on York and then turns Left onto James Street North, right onto Burlington Street and runners will proceed east on Burlington using the overpass to the Woodward Avenue on ramp.

Runners will then exit north onto Woodward Avenue and turn right onto the beach strip.

After crossing the canal lift bridge the race turns onto Eastport drive to Northshore Blvd.  The final 10k stretch of the race turns west onto the rolling hills Northshore Blvd and then onto Plains Road. Runners will continue on Plains road entering Hamilton on York Blvd and finish the finish mark will be FirstOntario Center at York and Bay street.

5k race description

The 5k race will start on Bay Street in front of FirstOntario Center.  You will then follow Bay street to Cannon Street where the course turns left and follows Cannon Street West.  This will eventually become York Blvd and you will follow York to the turn around near a Cemetery.  The course then follows York Blvd all the way back to the FirstOntario Centre where you will then enter using an underground ramp and finishing inside FirstOntario Centre.

Contact Information

General Enquiries:


Mailing Address:

The Around the Bay Road Race Inc.
1439 Upper Ottawa St. Unit #3
Hamilton, Ontario  L8W 3J6




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