MEC Burlington Race Two

MEC Burlington Race 2016 Information Kick off the spring season with MEC Burlington’s second race of the year.  The Trailblazer edition is always fun for the whole family or the seasoned vet. Many people like this race because it is not your traditional road race but rather a technical run.  Most people don’t like to… Read More »

Darkness Into Light 2016

Darkness Into Light Toronto Fundraiser With over 100 races taking place across Ireland, 10 across Canada and more in Europe Darkness Into Light has been making waves for 8 years now. As the organizers say “Toronto is a global center for business, finance, arts, culture and is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most… Read More »

Mercedes Benz Oakville 10k

About Mercedes Benz Oakville This race is always one of the highlights of the year.  Oakville is a suburb of Toronto with a beautiful waterfront and a upper-class small town vibe. The people of Oakville have always been known to be very friendly but this race can make people just a little bit competitive especially… Read More »

BumRun 5k Run

The Balanse BumRun The Balanse BumRun is a 5km race which raises awareness for colorectal cancer. The Balanse BumRun is a very young and new race but over the past couple of years has been growing in size and amount of money raised. This year’s will mark the 5th years they have been raising money… Read More »

Spring into Action for Diabetes

Spring into Action 2016 Over 9 million Canadians are currently living with diabetes or prediabetes.  The Spring into action race is here and all money raised will be going to the Sunnybrook foundation, IChallenge Diabetes and the York University Diabetes Sports Camp. This annual race is celebrating its 11th consecutive year and if you have… Read More »

MEC Toronto Race Two 2016

About the MEC Toronto Race II This is the second race of the MEC Toronto run series.  This race is known for its 15k looped course though there is a 5k and 10k version which the more inexperienced runners opt for. The popular 5k race starts at Coronation Park and heads along the Martin Goodman… Read More »

Race Roster Spring Run-Off

About The Race Roster Spring Run-Off This spring runoff is one of Toronto’s oldest annual events. Traditionally the Beaches Spring Sprint and the Race Roster Spring Run-Off have been kicking off the season in the Greater Toronto Area. The race features an extremely challenging and rewarding course which runs through High Park. Toronto has always… Read More »

Around the Bay 5k-30k race

The oldest race on the continent The Around the Bay Road Race or “Round the Bay” is the longest running annual race on the continent.  The first time this scenic endurance race was ran was in 1894. There are other races that comes close to this age and the closest one is the Boston Marathon… Read More »

Beaches Spring Sprint

Beaches Spring Sprint 2016 Whether you are in it to win it or are just looking for a relaxing day the Beaches Spring Sprint is a fun time for a good cause.  Start your Spring season off with a spring in your step and get out there.  We have braved the Canadian winters and we… Read More »

Adidas Running Shoes

When it comes to running, Adidas is where it’s at Running shoes are generally very hard to pick becuase each individual person has a different running routine, pattern and feet.  Because of this generalizing the “best shoe” is not easy nor accurate for most but the chances are that with Adidas you won’t go wrong.… Read More »

Technical Snow Running

Running in the snow? This sounds like a nightmare to most and it sounded like one to me too until I tried it.  In Toronto we don’t have the privilege of year round sun like Miami.  We don’t even have year round rain like Vancouver, not that we want that anyways! One saying that I… Read More »

Top 6 Running Shoes for Toronto

Our Top 6 Running shoes of 2016 Choosing a running shoe can be a daunting task for beginners and seasoned vets alike.  We have make a list of our 6 favorite running shoes which are suited to city running and basic trail running.  This means flat land, mostly straight running.  Let us know if you… Read More »

Quit Smoking, Start Running

Want to Quit Smoking? Have you tried everything to quit smoking?  Been there, done that and much much more.  In my decade or so of smoking cigarettes I have had about 30 quit attempts.  Some of them lasting days and the longest one lasting about a year and a half but I have tried everything… Read More »

Why Should You Run?

Why Run? This may seem like a question that everyone knows the answer to but it is not.  You may know why you run or want to run but in the end, each person has their own reason that drives them forward and pushes them to continue even on those rainy/snowy days. Running has many… Read More »

How long until you can run a 5k?

How long will it take ME to be able to run a 5k? Most sites will tell you that there is no real answer for this question.  Other sites will tell you it depends on a bunch of different variables and each person is unique.  These sites are correct but you did not search for… Read More »